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NETHERLANDS - EAC-m Fly-in September 4th 2022 on Eindhoven Airport (EHEH)


EAC-m Fly-in September 4th 2022 on Eindhoven Airport (EHEH)
we are located on Eindhoven Airport, the second largest airport in the Netherlands and also home of the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNAF). Usually it’s almost impossible to visit our field but during the Fly-in we have the ability to welcome a limited group pilots and their planes, you can be one of them: Because of the high traffic density at our field we are forced by the RNAF to work with slot-times, this means you can apply for an arrival slot between 9:30 and 13:30.
Please do note that departure is only possible at your own discretion starting from 13:45 until 17:00 latest.
The EHEH landing/handling fee for the day is 15 euro, this is including a free lunch for you and your passengers.
If you would like to join us on September 4th visit https://www.eacm.nl/fly-in-2022/ and select a free slot from the list and send us an email with below required details to fly-in@eacm.nl
When everything is received we will confirm your slot and you will receive a detailed pilot briefing a couple weeks before the event.
– Preferred slot time.
– Aircraft registration & model.
– Airfield of departure.
– Full name’s of PIC and PAX (PAX can be added / changed at a later stage).
– Date of birth and nationality of all persons onboard.
– Mobile number of PIC.
Unfortunately as we are located on a busy airport there are some limitations
– Visiting aircraft are required to carry a 8.33 kHz radio.
– Only fixed wing aircraft able to fly 90kt are allowed.
We are looking forward meeting you all

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