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EUROPE - FEWP annual meeting in Great Britain


Next year the BWPA are hosting the Federation of European Women Pilots (FEWP) Annual get together and AGM. This, in the U.K's penultimate pre-Brexit year, we look forward to enjoying the companionship of our European counterparts now and ensuring good relations for many years to come.
FEWP are encouraging further growth in the organisation and have offered to pay the registration fee and two nights accommodation (for the UK 2018 event) for one person from each country that is not currently a FEWP member. For clarity, FEWP currently have 10 member countries: Austria,Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, France & Germany.
Please send your nominations, suggestions etc to fewpuk@bwpa.co.uk by 31st January 2018.
The event will be centered at Old Warden with accommodation, AGM, and Annual Dinner based at Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre.
The registration fee, which was agreed at the last FEWP AGM to be £150 (instead of €150) will include the following;
Friday 1st June:
Registration event at Old Warden: Guests will be encouraged to fly in to Old Warden, free of charge (no landing fee or parking), arriving in time for a buffet lunch (13:00) and registration. All pilots flying in to Old Warden are responsible for making their own requests for arrival and departure slots, which will be particularly important on the Sunday due to airshow restrictions.
Transport to Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre by 15:00 (for those that do not make the registration event at Old Warden, registration will be completed at the Executive Centre on arrival there) and several occasions on Saturday and Sunday! More will follow.
Register your interest and refer your enquiries to fewpuk@bwpa.co.uk. at your earliest convenience and we will add you to the list of (potential) participants and send you the registration form in January 2018. All registrations will need to be completed by 31st March 2018.

 FEWP Programm Anmeldung 2018.pdf

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