FEWP - Federation of European Women Pilots


About us


THE European women pilots network to:

ñ  cultivate and retain links between women pilots

ñ  provide opportunities for women pilots to meet and fly to all European countries

ñ  develop international relationships between women pilots

ñ  promote aviation to women

ñ  support female pilots 


The Federation holds an annual gathering and Fly-In, which is hosted by member countries in turn, usually over the second weekend in June. Members fly in from all parts of Europe to meet up with old friends, make new ones and share experiences.

The delegates and representatives of each member country take the opportunity to hold a board meeting before inviting all attendees to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The weekend is generally organised around an aviation theme. Flying, gathering, cultural events and a nice Saturday night dinner for members, their families and friends.


The board consists of one representative of each European Member Country



Nathalie Chudiak, Belgium,


I  started skydiving in 1971 at the age of 24. I have jumped for 30 years all over the world and made a little over 1000 jumps. My last jump was on the South Pole during the 2000 millennium. I started flying in 1988 and got my licence as private pilot in 1989. I fly fixed wing, rotary wing and like to fly tours as well as aerobatics. I am vegetarian, play the piano and love my dog.


Ruth Haliti, Germany

It all started with paragliding in the Alps in 1994, which i loved a lot. In order to be able to fly at home as well, I bought myself a backpack-engine for my parachute and needed to do a microlight lisence for that in Germany. So the next step in 1998  was the microlight lisence for my P92, an aerodynamic UL. In 2005 I made my PPL in the US and transferred it into a JAR FCL and owned a Katana D20. I love to fly my friends Cessna, who is also member of the FEWP. Flying and exchanging experience are my passion! And finally in 2018 i bought a new old Wonderful small airplane, a single piece, a Hoffmann H40.

Brigitte Gaal, Austria,


I started flying and got my licence as a private pilot in 1983. I fly fixed
wings, high-wing aircrafts and low-wing aircrafts and did a lot of Championships in precision flying from 1985 till 1990. I was chairman of the Austrian Women Pilot Organization from 1986 till 2012. I did a lot of FlyIn´s in Austria and tried to inspire women for flying. I love travelling and meet lots of friends, mostly pilots, all over the world. 

Teresa Quemada Vives, Spain 

I was Born in 1952.I started flying gliders in 1975, in 1979 Training for Air Traffic Controller and PPL in Madrid, Cuatro Vientos. Air Traffic Controller in Sevilla from 1979-1982. CPL IFR 1988-1989 in Florida and validated the licenses in Spain. I was fumigating in a short time in 1992. Flying in Sevilla with the aeroclub and as instructor. 2001 i transferred the PPL in JAR FCL. 2003 I Joint the FEWP, introduced by Barbara Friedenberg (RIP) My License expired in 2006. From 1982-2017 i was ATCO APP/ACC in Sevilla and retired in 2017. 2019 i host the FEWP annual Meeting.