FEWP - Federation of European Women Pilots

About us


THE European women pilots network to:

  • cultivate and retain links between women pilots
  • provide opportunities for women pilots to meet and fly to all European countries
  • develop international relationships between women pilots
  • promote aviation to women
  • support female pilots 


The Federation holds an annual gathering and Fly-In, which is hosted by member countries in turn, usually over the second weekend in June. Members fly in from all parts of Europe to meet up with old friends, make new ones and share experiences.

The delegates and representatives of each member country take the opportunity to hold a board meeting before inviting all attendees to the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The weekend is generally organised around an aviation theme. Flying, gathering, cultural events and a nice Saturday night dinner for members, their families and friends.


The board consists of one representative of each European Member Country



Nathalie Chudiak, Belgium,


Sharon Nicholson,

Secretary Untited Kingdom

I  started skydiving in 1971 at the age of 24. I have jumped for 30 years all over the world and made a little over 1000 jumps. My last jump was on the South Pole during the 2000 millennium. I started flying in 1988 and got my licence as private pilot in 1989. I fly fixed wing, rotary wing and like to fly tours as well as aerobatics. I am vegetarian, play the piano and love my dog.

I have been flying since 1977 and gained my fixed wing PPL shortly after leaving school. I gave up on the family tradition of working in hospitals and became a full time aviation professional, working as an administrator and AFISO (NATS) at Stapleford Flight Centre until returning as a Flight Instructor, teaching up to CPL standard and examining PPLs.

I also worked as a Corporate Airline Pilot and line-training Captain, during which period I was able to teach my son how to fly, and provide a check-ride in the Swiss ski resorts as his training Captain. Unsurprisingly, given my family background, I piloted many medical flights during my time. The work ranged from aerial surveys, photography, medical, but ultimately mostly VIP passenger flights. Flying on four different fleets and anywhere between the Arctic Circle and Africa, saving America mostly for private flights, excepting a new aircraft delivery from Brazil.

I now provide regulatory oversight for the UK CAA whilst instructing at weekends and being an active member of the British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) Committee. I provide STEM talks for schools and associations as part of our Aviatrix Project, and hosted the 2018 FEWP AGM weekend in Bedfordshire, England.

Ruth Haliti, Germany

It all started with paragliding in the Alps in 1994, which i loved a lot. In order to be able to fly at home as well, I bought myself a backpack-engine for my parachute and needed to do a microlight lisence for that in Germany. So the next step in 1998  was the microlight lisence for my P92, an aerodynamic UL. In 2005 I made my PPL in the US and transferred it into a JAR FCL and owned a Katana D20. I love to fly my friends Cessna, who is also member of the FEWP. Flying and exchanging experience are my passion! And finally in 2018 i bought a new old wonderful small airplane, a single piece, a Hoffmann H40.

Brigitte Gaal, Austria,


I started flying and got my licence as a private pilot in 1983. I fly fixed
wings, high-wing aircrafts and low-wing aircrafts and did a lot of Championships in precision flying from 1985 till 1990. I was chairman of the Austrian Women Pilot Organization from 1986 till 2012. I did a lot of FlyIn´s in Austria and tried to inspire women for flying. I love travelling and meet lots of friends, mostly pilots, all over the world. 

Teresa Quemada Vives, Spain 

I was Born in 1952.I started flying gliders in 1975, in 1979 Training for Air Traffic Controller and PPL in Madrid, Cuatro Vientos. Air Traffic Controller in Sevilla from 1979-1982. CPL IFR 1988-1989 in Florida and validated the licenses in Spain. I was fumigating in a short time in 1992. Flying in Sevilla with the aeroclub and as instructor. 2001 i transferred the PPL in JAR FCL. 2003 I Joint the FEWP, introduced by Barbara Friedenberg (RIP) My License expired in 2006. From 1982-2017 i was ATCO APP/ACC in Sevilla and retired in 2017. 2019 i host the FEWP annual Meeting.

Jasna Jerman, Slovenia

Monique van Tilborg-Siméon, The Netherlands

I'm the glider pilot for more than 40 years. All the time I’m the member of sports airport among the Alps, ALC  Lesce - Bled. From the beginning, that is since 1989 I’m the member of Slovenian women pilots association. 
Few years I was the president of the club, and all the time I’m as active in all kinds of activities of our club.
I am also the member of WSPA (Women Soaring Pilots Association). I live in Ljubljana and work as engineering geologist.

Being the daughter of a co-founder of a flying club just after the war and married to a fanatic glider Pilot,  it would be difficult not to catch the "aeronautical virus"....

During our first expat Posting just after we got married i started powered flying in 1975 on a Piper Cherokee at Sola Airport (Stavanger) in Norway. Then started gliding in 1976 in the Netherlands, what i still have been doing for more than 40 years now.

More than 20 years as expat with my husband all over the world made me drop flying powered aircrafts so that i just could manage to keep my gliding licence, flying the required hours every year during our leaves. After our return to Europe, at the end of the 90s i studies and got my Aircraft Maintenance License (AML) and still working as a volunteer at the "Royal Netherlands Air Force Historical Flights" at the maintenance of our vintage aircrafts.

I picked up my powered aircraft again in 2006 on a Cessna 172 and beside the Piper Archer/Warrior and Aquila i very soon converted to tail draggers and fly different types of Piper Cup. In 2011 i started Formation Flying with Piper Cubs and in 2012 with a Tiger Moth. Since 2016 I own a Tiger Moth from 1940, which i flew home from Hassfurt, near Nürnberg, Germany to Seppe, our airfield in the Netherlands. I als have my own glider, a vintage Phoebus-C from 1972 and  a couple of times a year I go mountain soaring in the French Alps.

Eleonora Lungu, Romania

Adriana Domerque, Italy

Watching a documentary about mountain flying in a sailplane seemed surreal, daring, and scary. But too tempting to watch from a distance, so one afternoon I decided to go gliding. This experience ignited my passion for flying, an insatiable pursuit by now. After gliding, I moved to power flying as I wanted to travel a little further (flying around Europe is great fun!) and I obtained my Private Pilot Licence (PPL) in 2017. On to a new challenge now, training for the instrument flying rating (IFR)).

Besides flying, I am passionate about raising awareness in national and international forums, so that more women have an opportunity to join the magic of aviation.

I come from a "stratos 4 family" it means a hard working unwealthy family  in the sulfurous city of Medellin, Colombia... If all of my university friends dream was...of course..visit  U.S.A., not for me...my dream  was...EUROPA...and his "culture",

I studied French, so I could come in France to get a "Doctorat in Informatique"

I was still involved in aviation at Medellin Airports " Enrique Olaya Herrera" and "Jose Maria Cordova" helping young people to discover world of aviation dispensing courses for Cadetes de la  FUERZA AERONAUTICA of COLOMBIA ( Colombian air force cadets ).

Next by the different ways of the life, I meet aviation people in BESANCON, and was junior secretary in an aeroclub, and also in sports, tourisme, handicap and others associations in city of Besançon, as member of administratives, or president.

I organize some famous airshow meetings with "PATROUILLES BREITLING," and recently PATROUILLE de FRANCE, since these past years,

I was a regional deleguee of the AFFP for 2 years and eligibled Président in 2014.

My aspiration was to perennis this association and increase the access to young girls, mixing their eager of flying with "vétérans" ladies, you know that in south america family spirit is a big deal, so I try of my best to do this synergic mix of experience with a huge respect of old ladies who make the history of french aviation

My aéronautic past:

First fly in 2003, first initial licence 2008, PPL in 2015...

I was enroled in a "batwoman" banner towing job arounds french ans spain coast ( especially in Sabadell )

Next engaged  as "technical crew member" on the medevac helicopter SAMU 25

I got my ULM License in 2017

I got my Seaplane rating in 2017

My Flight Instructor rating in early 2018,  and I am now flight instructor and CEO of Domergue Aviation Flying School,developing special refreshing courses for women, and vreating news  rating like Flight Instructor formation,and IFR Ratiings in Besançon La Veze Airport. where we own 11 single engine planes and two ULM